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Writer’s Block and the effects it has

writers blockEveryone reaches a point at which the creative flow slows, and eventually stops. This has been forever known as Writer’s Block. The effect this has is variable, but some of the points below might be familiar. The positive way to see this, is that things can only get better once you have moved past the dreaded state. The need to write is more powerful than you might think, and the output of your labours will be an overpowering driver to pull you through the darkest of times. Be strong and you will be successful.


How many windows have been broken by the impact of a laptop, PC, or typewriter, as the mind of the author is pushed to its limits?


This is an emotion that is well known by authors seeking to not quite let go of their newly formed work. If that is not difficult enough, the inability to finish those final few pages, or lines, can make the sense of impending loss all the greater.


For a work that has been going well, the reaching of a point involving Writer’s Block is not pleasant. The temptation is to give up on the work, and never try to achive the goal. Doubt Questioning one’s own ability and worth as an author can arise at any time. Not being able to get past a sticking point is dangerous, and must be avoided.


There are approaches that you can take to ensure that the example scenarios above are prevented from coming into being (and costing you the price of a new PC and pane of glass) Take a view and consider the following:
  • A walk
  • Listen to music
  • Look back on an old project
  • Read a book
  • Coffee and chocolate
  • The pub